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About The Highland Park Minyan

The Highland Park Minyan is peer-led, egalitarian, post-denominational, and inclusive. We have been meeting since the early 1970s for prayer, study, community, and social action. Our membership is diverse and we welcome, as members or as visitors, all Jews and all those who are interested in Judaism.

We meet:

  • Regularly for morning services on the first, third, and the occasional fifth Shabbat of the month
  • Periodically on Friday nights for kabbalat Shabbat services and dinner
  • For the High Holy Days
  • For Sukkot, Pesach, and Shavuot, and other holidays and days of observance
  • From time to time for a special Shabbaton of song and study, social events, and social action projects.

We are honored to have visitors attend our services and join us for lunch afterward, and we are always happy to have people become members. Please browse this website to learn about some of the things we offer to enhance our spiritual and social lives! If you have any questions, please send us a note through Contact Us, but the best way to learn about us is to come to any of our services or other events. Check our calendar.

Our Values

The Highland Park Minyan appreciates every individual regardless of that individual’s religious, racial, or cultural background; ability; or gender identity/sexual orientation. We welcome people of all ages, singles and couples, with or without children, who are looking for a warm Jewish community.

We value prayer as an integral part of our spiritual journeys, and the power of prayer in opening our hearts to the blessings around us. We value study and learning so that we grow in knowledge and in understanding how to use that knowledge. We value using the results of our prayer and our learning to help those in need because our Jewish commitment is also about action.

We also like to socialize and we appreciate an occasional evening of food, drink, and entertainment.

All of these values help make us distinctive. Enjoy looking through this website to read about some of our activities; we hope they spark your interest and we look forward to having you join us!

Click here to see some of our activities to help those in need.

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