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Annual Membership Registration

Membership in the Highland Park Minyan is annual and we use this same form for new members and continuing members.

Please complete this form with the names of all adult members of your household who wish to join or renew membership in the Highland Park Minyan, as well as the names of the children in your household.

Membership is $150 per adult with a maximum charge of $300 per household. No one will be excluded from Minyan membership because of financial issues. If these fees cause financial hardship or if you have any other billing questions, please let us know. We will handle your message with confidentiality and someone will contact you to resolve your matter.

We look forward to having you be part of the Highland Park Minyan!

If you prefer to register and pay by regular mail, do not fill out the form below.
Instead, print this form and follow the directions on the form. 

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