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We believe that there is no end to education. That’s why many of our Shabbat services include short study and discussion sessions, and why we arrange Shabbatons and weekend retreats for our members. All of these are listed on our calendar as we develop them, so check often for our latest offerings!

Shabbat Morning
We often hold early-morning learning sessions on Shabbat whether or not we meet for prayers that morning. Their subjects vary, but are generally one of these areas of study:

  • Torah Study. In-depth exploration of the parsha using Chassidic and classical Kabbalist commentary to draw out deeper mystical and spiritual interpretation. First Shabbat of every month between late autumn and mid-spring, just before Shabbat services.
  • Drawing Spiritual Sustenance from Judaism. Discussion group that covers a different aspect of spiritual sustenance every year. Third Shabbat of every month between autumn and spring, just before Shabbat services.
  • Maimonides’ Sh’moneh P’rakim – Introduction to Ethics of the Fathers. Led by Joe Rosenstein, creator of our siddur and machzor. Second and fourth Shabbat of every month (note that these are the weeks we do not meet for services).

Kabbalat Shabbat
We enjoy kabbalat Shabbat together as a group every month or so at homes of our members. The evening always includes Friday night prayers with beautiful melodies, followed by vegetarian/dairy/fish dinner, and a presentation or discussion of contemporary interest. Minyan kabbalat Shabbat is a lovely way to end a busy week and re-engage with your spiritual side.

A few times a year, we bring in experts in some aspect of Judaism and learn from them as we celebrate Shabbat. Our Shabbatons begin at sundown on Friday and continue through Saturday evening or Sunday morning, and include prayer with singing, meals, and learning in people’s homes as well as in our usual meeting place.

Approximately every other year we hold a retreat for the entire Minyan, usually in a retreat center or hotel at the shore. We bring Shabbat, including prayer books, singing, food, and more, and an outside teacher/leader to the hotel for a weekend of workshops, learning, and inspiration.

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